All reservations and pre-bookings must be canceled 48 hours before the reserved date of scheduled boat tour, kayak tour, kayak rental, paddle board rental.  If you scheduled a Monday tour, then you must cancel the Saturday, 2 days before in order to receive a full refund.   If we cancel a boat or kayak tour do to weather we then give you the option to reschedule or have us issue an immediate refund.


All boat tours, kayak tours and rental deliveries are dependent on the weather and things like wind, lighting, tide, current are always factors.  Boat and kayak tours are fun, but Safety First is always practiced and if there is any reason for caution we will cancel tours and rental deliveries.  We will notify everyone as soon as possible once we decide to cancel a tour.  Our goal to make a determination 2 hours before a scheduled tour time, but sometimes weather can abruptly change at tour time then the captain/guide will then make a go or not go decision.