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About Lighthouse WaterSports
Eco tour company offering kayak and boat tours.
Town Marina, Yacht Basin Dr.
P.O. Box: 11326
North Carolina
United States
33.918277 N 78.026675 W
About Ligthouse WaterSports
Lighthouse WaterSports - About Us - ECO Tour Company
eco tour company
Our company is all about fun and adventure with a bit of purposeful meaning.  We lead responsible
tours to natural areas that promote bio-cultural diversity with the intention to help protect the natural
and cultural heritage of our beautiful region.  Our tours are about achieving greater understanding
and appreciation for nature and the local history of Brunswick County, North Carolina.
Southport Eco Boat Tour
Southport Boat Tours
Southport Sunset Boat Tour
Blackwater Kayak Tour
History      Culture      Wildlife      Interpretation      Community      Conservation      Nature      Diversity     
SAFETY FIRST: We are committed to making safety our  
priority.  Our tours are led by expert guides and we only rent
gear that is rated the best equipment in the water sports
OUR TOURS:  We offer guided eco boat & kayak tours
designed for exploring nature, sharing history and viewing
wildlife to remote blackwater creeks, marshes and swamps.
LOCATIONS:  We offer boat tours, kayak tours and rentals from
4 locations; Southport-Oak Island, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach
and Sunset Beach.  Offering boat tours, kayak tours and kayak and
paddle board rentals to all the Brunswick County beaches.       
OUR GUIDES: All of our kayak tours are professionally
led by highly trained naturalist guides who do everything they
can to make your tour as safe and enjoyable as possible.  
Oak Island - Ocean Isle Beach Kayak Tours and Rentals
Nature teaches us that the diversity of life is made up not only of the diversity of plants and animal
species, habitats and ecosystems found on the planet, but also of the diversity of human cultures.
The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.  
KAYAK-SUP RENTALS: All of our kayak and (SUP)
stand up paddle board gear is the best you can rent.   We
deliver and pick up to your vacation rental home.
Southport NC Kayak Tours
Southport NC Kayak Tours
Kayak Tours
Blackwater Cypress Kayak Tour
Southport NC Kayak Tours
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Jeff Coble, Kayak Guide, Boat Captain - Southport, Oak Island, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle beach, Sunset Beach
Lighthouse WaterSports was founded to bring a professional eco tour experience to the Brunswick
County Islands and Beaches.  The owner has a great passion for the outdoors, nature, history,
wildlife and travel.  Backed by his years of professional guide experience, Jeff has combined all of his
interest to create great boat tours, kayak tours and first-class rental service.  
More about Jeff......
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